Tennis, Lorenzo Musetti show at the Internazionali di Roma. Andrea Scanzi had called him ‘too nice with little competition’ …

Lorenzo Musetti show at the International tennis in Rome, Andrea Scanzi had defined him as 'too nice with little competition' …

Lorenzo Musetti's show at the International Tennis Championships in Rome despite the journalist Andrea Scanzi having defined him as 'too nice with little competition'.

In reality Scanzi had written much more saying that, barring sporting miracles, Musetti would certainly have been eliminated by the more titled Wawrinka.

Here is the post of the popular journalist on Musetti.

“Classic Italic tennis player all talented and not very competitive. In Rome he overcame which: good.

Too beautiful and nice (up to now at least) to be a champion, for sure it is splendid to see. Tonight he can make a good impression with Wawrinka, even if obviously as a very closed prediction (except for Swiss suicides, and who knows!) ".

As mentioned, luckily the prediction was more wrong than Italian tennis. In fact Musetti, at only 18 years old, has practically crashed the most famous colleague.

His victory adds to another extraordinary success, that of Sinner against Tsitsipas.

Thanks to the performances of these youngsters, Italian tennis is raising its head at the Rome Internationals after decidedly gray years.

Tennis Italy needs young talents to return to the glories of the past. Musetti and Sinner responded present… (source Facebook ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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