Tachtsidis criticized, he vents on Instagram: “Shut up, you broke my c …”

Lecce raises its head and Tachtsidis raises the crest on social networks. On Instagram he did not use mincing words to answer users who criticized him for his latest performances: "Shut up, you broke my c …".

Tachtsidis did not speak during the negative series ringed by Lecce. He waited for the right moment. After the victory against Lazio, which brought Lecce to the safety zone, the Greek footballer made the big voice on Instagram.

"You broke my cock … You who criticize do not know what color the ball has and speak well. The only thing I care about is the group and then start to keep quiet "

In short, according to the Lecce footballer, the fans cannot criticize him because they are ignorant of the matter. So unwary – according to him – not to even know the color of the ball.

Fans who spend money to watch Lecce play on TV (but don't tell them to Tachtsidis …).

As always, it is very easy to go from reason to wrong. Fans have every right to criticize a football player (a privileged overpaid) but obviously they are required to do it politely.

They pay for the ticket, or the TV season ticket, so they have every right to express their disappointment at the performance of the team or a player.

But they don't have to go to insults because if they do it automatically they go to the wrong side. At the same time, a footballer must preempt criticism, because he is a public figure.

A player, as a public figure, should refrain from responding badly to the fans.

But if he really decides to confront them, he should do it with education and respect for people who pay to see him play (at the stadium, when possible, or in front of the television).

Because there is no football without fans, there are no pharaonic salaries without those who spend money to watch the matches. This must never be forgotten (source Il Corriere dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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