Syria, stadium behind closed doors? Fans gather on the front terrace

DAMASCUS (SYRIA) – The whole world is a country.

The rules must be made and then be broken.

This is exactly what happened in Syria .

The stadiums are behind closed doors to avoid gatherings in the stands in function of anti coronavirus but this is not enough to stop the fans.

In short, a gathering at the stadium was avoided to trigger an even more dangerous one.

In fact, during the last Premier League match, which is the Syrian Serie A, the fans of the home team followed the match from a "special grandstand".

They gathered, or rather literally assembled, on the terrace of the building overlooking the stadium .

The end result was disastrous as these fans were massed and followed the game from a very dangerous location.

The Syrian football championship started earlier than the Italian one.

The balloon in Damascus and surroundings returned to roll in late May.

Our championship will start again on June 20 with the Italian Cup starter between June 12 and 17.

The Syrian Premier League is respecting the same rules that are implemented in the rest of the world and for this reason the matches are behind closed doors.

Syrian fans have been able to follow their favorite team from above with lots of flags and trumpets in tow.

Their noise was not lost but it is not even harassing result because all the condos were diehard fans of their own team.

Hard not to be soccer fans if you live almost "inside" the stadium.

The fans are not limited to flags and trumpets, also they sang chants that were heard perfectly by players on the pitch.

Remarkable, and above all rowdy, also their exultation to the network of their favorite team.

Syria, the Premier League is back after two months of stop for coronavirus.

The Syrian Premier League has been stalled for two months due to the coronavirus pandemic (our league three …).

It was expected that the country would be hit hard by COVID-19 due to the ongoing civil war and the difficult humanitarian situation.

Instead it was not so.

Local authorities have introduced a curfew and significant restrictions on movements between provinces as a method of fighting the disease.

The result was a success because there were only 6 coronavirus deaths across the nation and just 144 confirmed cases.

The video from YouTube with the warmth of the fans gathered on the terrace of the building in front of the stadium.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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