Supercup in Arabia, football has sold women. Live sales on Rai 1

Supercoppa donne in Arabia Saudita

Juve-Milan Super Cup in Saudi Arabia: women accompanied by men (photo Ansa)

ROME – Italian Super Cup is played, it is played in Gedda, Saudi Arabia, as expected. It will be played on January 16th in a stadium where there will be sectors forbidden to women. You do not understand what they complain about … They can now drive and will even be warned when their husbands leave. With a text message, from the court. The condition of women in Saudi Arabia is now very advanced. It remains forbidden for a woman to have a checking account and to be operated continues to need the authorization of a male, but they are details. This is why the Lega Calcio, promoter of healthy local values, has decided to celebrate the Super Cup there.

For money, of course (22 million for 3 games), but also to show that in Arabia they are so far ahead that women are also allowed to go to the stadium to see 22 men running in their underwear. The memory of the red mark on the cheek with which our football wanted to bring its solidarity and show its closeness to the theme of gender difference, has now faded. Theme, probably, too complex for many of those who had colored the face. Or alternatively, hypocritical solidarity ready to be sold.

Among other things at a very specific price and, being values, even bassino. Because if 22 million are in the throes of a greedy and greedy Lega Calcio, are bruscolini compared to a theme such as that of the female condition that, incidentally, as all the values ​​are not traded. Or at least you should not. The question is, of course, that of the match between Milan and Juventus for the Italian Super Cup scheduled in a few days in Geddah, Saudi Arabia.

In that Arabia that bombs civilians in Yemen also with the weapons bought in Italy, in that Arab Sunni theocracy that finances not too much jihad under the middle of the Middle East and Arabia that kills journalists around the world. What does Italian football have to do with all this? Shortly, it's true. But it has a lot to do with what the aforementioned Arabia does in relation to women forced, even today, to be a kind of appendix poorly endured by man.

It is very important because Juventus and Milan will not be a game played in a foreign, host country, so to assert the ancient 'country that you go custom that you find'. But it will be and is an official match of the Italian League. An official match in which women, at the stadium, will have their sectors prohibited. There will be exclusive sectors for males. No women: reserved sectors. Like the white seats on American buses before Rosa Parks, because the woman, the female, being unclean does not contaminate the men's places. Our football, indeed its leadership that once again does nothing to prove less petty than it is, has much to do with this and indeed is responsible for it.

In the League men change but not the thickness of these. We remember the exits of Tavecchio on black footballers and we are not surprised therefore of today's Micciché that reassures us saying that women can also go to the stadium by themselves that day, which in our Middle Ages is a good step forward. Playing the Supercoppa there is accepted and worse is this vision of the world and of women. The concept and the possibility of dividing the stadiums and spaces by gender are recognized and introduced. We are defending the rights, the conquests that we Westerners, on this yes more civilized than many others, we have conquered in decades of struggles and civil progress.

They sell themselves for 22 million euro making, among other things, a sham. The so-called institutions tweet indignantly but, probably, will watch the game on Rai1 which, despite the protests of the internal journalists' union, will transmit it. And the aforementioned Micciché, that is the official face of the League being its president, pretends that there is nothing strange. We advise him, if he wants to go to accompanied Jeddah, to make sure that the forum authority is bi sex. The Italians, as you may know, are not like the Saudis, and they rightly would not be good to be sent to the appropriate space.

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