Super snobbish lambs: “Atalanta of the poor must stay in the Champions League?”

Agnelli super snob: "Atalanta dei poveri deve stare in Champions League?"

Andrea Agnelli (Ansa)

ROME – Atalanta , without history and without money, thanks to a good match, entered directly into the Champions League, Roma that in these years has raised the Italian ranking only for a bad season is out, do you think right? Juventus president Andrea Agnelli must have expressed himself badly. Or we have underestimated a certain visceral snobbery, in the end almost a caricature of himself.

Let's try to follow the line of reasoning again. “I have great respect for what Atalanta is doing, but without international history and with a great sporting performance it has had direct access to the Champions League. Right or not, I also think of Rome, which has contributed to maintaining Italy's ranking in recent years, had a bad season and is out. With all the consequences of the case economically. We need to protect investments. "

So not the result of the field, not the sporting merit must count. But money and blazon. Stuff from aristocracy threatened by peones. And then this elitist vision of football, which imagines itself immobile and closed to contamination from below, is not new. Do you remember the Lotito intercepted while cursing the rise of Frosinone in Serie A?

The president of Juventus must be understood. He was speaking at the summit organized by the Financial Times, "Business of football". Where the self-employed custodians of the purity of football imagine a fixed system of participation for the big teams. A sort of European club championship where there are only big games because the top teams will always play by divine right or birth privilege.

"What we are doing is analyzing the dynamics and understanding what consumers will want in the next 10/15 years", defends Agnelli who, noblesse oblige, called the president of Atalanta Percassi to apologize if it has been misunderstood. He was not saying that it is a scandal that those poor Atalanta were brought into the living room … (source La Repubblica)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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