Suarez Juventus, only one exam is missing: that of Italian. They fail, Giroud

Three-year from 6.5 million per season likely to easily reach 10 (15 gross for those coming from abroad) by counting the various, achievable bonuses.

Suarez and Juventus agree, Barcelona willingly frees him, the last real exam is missing. The Italian-speaking one: the Uruguayan champion must support it on 17 September.

If he was rejected, plan B would be triggered. Sarri already liked him with whom he had won the Europa League as top scorer: Olivier Giroud of Chelsea is the first on the list.

Kean, who didn't make it to Everton, just in case, is ready to go back to base.

Juventus Suarez, only an Italian exam is missing

Suarez has a good chance of obtaining the status of EU citizen and an Italian passport. At Juve the places for the two non-EU citizens allowed are occupied by the newly arrived Arthur and McKennie.

Suarez's wife, Sofia Balbi, can demonstrate direct Friulian origin. Suarez must demonstrate that he knows at least a little of the Italian language, which is why he is taking tight lessons.

According to the indiscretions registered by the Gazzetta dello Sport , Suarez will take a test in Perugia, at the University for Foreigners, and it would be set at 10 am on 17 September as reported by the ASI agency.

Must obtain the B1 level of knowledge of Italian

Must obtain the B1 level of knowledge of the Italian language, the minimum level that authorizes the authorization to practice.

However, there remains the problem of Barcelona which has already communicated that it no longer considers Suarez central but still wants to gain something from the sale.

The idea is that of a resolution with the attacker to save the remaining year of engagement, plus the request for a small amount plus bonus.

The example, writes Marca, is the passage of Rakitic to Sevilla. Unemployed, paid 1.5 million plus bonuses linked to attendance and results up to 9 million.

Suarez had also initiated contacts with PSG, Leicester and Atletico Madrid, but everything is suspended pending the definition of the situation with Juve. (sources Gazzetta dello Sport and Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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