Suarez-Juventus, he writes ‘fake news’ on social media and could go to Atletico …

Suarez's transfer to Juventus is less obvious than one might think. He denies the news on social media by writing 'fake news' and Atletico …

There is not only Juventus in Suarez's mind, in fact the Uruguayan footballer is also evaluating Atletico Madrid but first of all he will have to free himself from Barcelona and it will not be easy because the parties are far from an agreement.

In the last few hours, Suarez has updated his social profiles by writing 'fake news'. He was clearly referring to the many transfer market news about him. But in what sense?

What are fake news? Those who want him close to moving to Juventus? Or the ones that talk about the salaries he demands? This has not made it clear.

The fact is that his situation is not easy. Let's start with the objective data. Suarez has a two-year contract with Barcelona worth 14 million per season (28 total).

To marry elsewhere, the Uruguayan striker would be trying to terminate his current contract with the Blaugrana but to do so he would like a rich exit.

Suarez would like to collect more than a year of contract immediately. Barcelona would not be willing to please him. And this is already the first major obstacle.

Then there would be the one linked to the economic agreement with both Juventus and Atletico. In fact Suarez earns a lot and it is not easy to pay him what he demands.

According to the Spanish newspaper 'Sport', his situation should not be resolved quickly but the start of the championship is upon us and Pirlo immediately needs a center forward to insert him into his schemes (source Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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