Stretcher-Inter, that’s how the Nerazzurri convinced Cagliari

Barella-Inter, ecco come i nerazzurri hanno convinto il Cagliari

Stretcher-Inter, that's how the Nerazzurri convinced Cagliari. Photo ANSA / CLAUDIO GIOVANNINI

MILAN – Inter and Cagliari would have reached an agreement for the transfer of Barella to Milan. Cagliari had asked Inter for 50 million euros but the Nerazzurri, having no intention of paying it entirely with cash, managed to reach this price by inserting in the negotiation four jewels of the Primavera training. These are Merola, Pompetti, Gavioli and Colidio , four young people for sure future. With this formula, Inter gives Barella to Conte and Cagliari includes four reinforcements in pink as well as a nice cash out of the box. There is talk of 30 million euros plus these four young people.

Stretcher in the Ichnusa commercial to support the territory.

Ichnusa and Sardinia still together in a spot to support the island's territory in a campaign promoted together with Legambiente. With the winning faces of sport, those of Barella, a Cagliari talent, and of Pozzecco, Dinamo's coach. Everything on the air these days on the main national television stations. Raw and unique landscapes to witness authenticity and beauty.

And a very clear message: everyone, in their own small way – explains Ichnusa – can and must do something to preserve and protect their land, because even a simple gesture, if shared by many, can make the difference. To lend the face to the campaign are the employees of the Assemini brewery, the talent of Cagliari and the National Nicolò Barella, and the Dinamo Sassari coach Gianmarco Pozzecco.

Ichnusa chooses to "team up" with its historic partners, as it marks the same message that accompanies the ad, and puts its sponsorships at the service of the environment. The #ILNOSTROIMPEGNO campaign is an evolution of the "Anima Sarda" commercial launched in 2017: the same original music to mark the rhythm, as is the choice of black and white.

At the center of the initiative is a gesture of respect, commitment and responsibility: to collect the abandoned waste that disfigures the territory and preserve all the beauty of an ancient and precious land. A project that is not just communication but above all actions that involve the community. After two stops in Cagliari (December 21st 2018 and April 13th 2019), Sardinian beer reached San Vero Milis on May 11th and touched Sassari on June 8th.

"The decision to touch the theme of the environment – comments Katia Pantaleo, Marketing Manager of Ichnusa – is the consequence that the #ILNOSTROIMPEGNO project is something in which we strongly believe.

As we wanted to say in the commercial, ours is a precious land: respecting it is everyone's duty and if we team up it becomes really easy to do it. We have assigned to the commercial a programming on the national networks because we believe that the intrinsic message does not speak only of Sardinia but transmits values ​​shared by all "(source Ansa).

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