“Stop the football championships”, the document of 360 ultra European groups

ROME – A press release signed by 360 ultrà groups of Italian and foreign supporters , mainly Spanish, French and German, to ask for a stop to the football leagues.

Among the Italian typhoon acronyms, those of the A teams, from the North curve of Atalanta to the Viking and Juventus Nabs , as well as the A and B curves of Naples.

Massive appearances of those of B and other cadet series alongside supporters of basketball teams.

Among the European ones, the Red fanatic and the Munich red pride of Bayern Munich or the Pch of Dinamo Bucaresti.

The ultrà have also created a group with the explicit title 'Stop football, no football without fans'.

The ultrà protest: “Coronavirus? Final stop at the football championships ".

"Governments have declared total lockdown, thus protecting the most valuable thing we have:

public health – they begin – we consider the absolute stop to European football more than reasonable.

Instead those who manage it have expressed only one goal: to start again.

We firmly believe that only economic interests would come into play.

This is confirmed by the fact that the championships should start again behind closed doors, without the beating heart of this popular sport: the fans ”.

"We ask the competent bodies to keep football competitions firm, until the crowding of the stadiums returns to a habit free of risks for collective health – write the ultrà – today football is considered more as an industry than as a sport.

Pay-TVs keep companies in check, in a system based solely and exclusively on business and personal interests: if it is not downsized, it will lead to the death of football itself ".

“If we ultras intend to profit from our passion, as we happen to read and feel these days, we would push for the restart of the championships – it is still read in the document – all this must change.

We are ready to deal with those in duty, to bring football back to its dawn, to return to live our greatest passion in the first person, to make this become a popular sport again "(source AGI).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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