Sterling case, English fans whistle Gomez as he enters the VIDEO field

Sterling, tifosi inglesi fischiano Gomez video YouTube

England fans whistled Gomez, all the fault of the case with Sterling (from YouTube)

LONDON (ENGLAND) – The English National team gave a show winning 7-0 against Montenegro but in the post game only the Sterling- Gomez case was discussed. All this because Sterling remained on the bench for the whole match while Gomez entered the field at the current game, getting the boos of the English fans. England fans demanded equal treatment for the two players.

At the end of the game Sterling, despite the fans were on his side, defended his national teammate through this post published on social networks. His words are reported by Sky Sport.

"To all the fans in England, I wanted to leave everything behind, but tonight I find myself having to talk about it again: it was hard for me to see my teammate whistled because of me . Joe didn't do anything wrong and for me to see someone holding his head down and working hard, especially in a difficult week for him, being whistled when he enters the field is wrong . I took full responsibility for what happened and accepted the consequences. I felt I had to say it ".

The Sterling-Gomez case. The case was born during Manchester City-Liverpool, a game of cartel in the last round of the Premier League, and then continued during the withdrawal of the English national team, with a close brawl in training. According to the tabloids, it was Sterling who sparked the spark, grabbing the Reds defender by the neck before they were separated. A gesture immediately sanctioned by the English National team with the exclusion of Sterling from the next game (but not the withdrawal from the withdrawal). Needless excuses from Sterling, both with Gomez himself and with his national team mates.

The video from YouTube with the whistles trimmed to Gomez during the last match of the English national football team.

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