Stefan de Vrij makes Inter fans dream, that Instagram story with Donny van de Beek …

De Vrij, Instagram: Van de Beek Inter is a possibility

De Vrij and Van de Beek on Instagram

MILAN – During the transfer market, it takes little to make the fans of their favorite team dream. De Vrij has published an Instagram story which suggests that Donny van de Beek , Ajax star, could join him at Inter.

A story on Instagram by Stefan de Vrij makes the fans of Inter dream. The Dutch defender shared a photo with Dutch team-mate Donny van de Beek, a great protagonist in the Ajax ride to the Champions League semi-final and approached the Nerazzurri in recent weeks.

In running of the image, which sees the two compatriots portrayed together in Ibiza, the former central of Lazio has added two nerazzurre emojis and a smiley face. A social clue that sparked the reactions of the Inter fans, now convinced that the arrival of the Lancieri midfielder is no longer just a simple suggestion: "De Vrij, don't be fooled, you too, Van de Beek is a ball of mine, I would like to see him play in my Inter "is written on Twitter.

"One like De Vrij who gets off balance by putting two Nerazzurri balls with neighbor Van De Beek makes me think there is something below" another user suspects. And someone jokes about the Nerazzurri defender's sporting manager skills: "But what are we waiting to remove Ausilio and put Stefan De Vrij in his place?" (Source AGI).

Donny van de Beek is a Dutch footballer, Ajax and Dutch national midfielder. Central midfielder with great physique, tactical intelligence and personality. Omnipresent in every area of ​​the camp, he always follows the action in the search for the conclusion.

In the 2018-2019 season he is one of the protagonists of the Ajax ride in the Champions league until the semi-final. Van de Beek scores four times, in particular scoring a goal when the quarter-finals return to Juventus, turning out to be decisive for the victory and the passage of the lancers' turn.

He will repeat himself in the first leg against Tottenham, where he scores the goal of the lancers' victory in the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. In the same season he contributed to winning the Dutch Cup and the championship. In 57 seasonal games he scores 17 goals churning out 13 assists (source Wikipedia).

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