Steaua against the Romanian government, violates the quarantine to return to training

BUCHAREST (ROMANIA) – It is a total clash between Steaua Bucharest and the Romanian government.

The most prestigious club in the country, with a Champions League and a European Super Cup on the bulletin board, has decided to violate the quarantine to return to training.

The Romanian government has made decisions similar to ours regarding the football championship.

The local government stopped both the football championship and training and imposed the lockdown on the whole country until 15 May .

This decision did not go down to Romanian football clubs.

Steaua, which is the most important club, wanted to lead the revolt by violating the quarantine to resume training .

The Romanian government has already made it known that the Bucharest company will be fined in an exemplary manner.

It is not the first episode of disobedience, in fact there have been two clubs in England that have voluntarily violated the coronavirus quarantine.

We are talking about Tottenham and Arsenal.

The two football clubs in London have decided to violate forced isolation to resume training in the city's public parks.

The first to be caught was Mourinho, shortly thereafter the same fate happened to the Arsenal members who behaved badly.

Now English clubs no longer have this problem because the government has authorized the resumption of training in sports centers.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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