Stadiums, here is the plan to reopen after the pandemic: from staggered entrances to reduced capacities

ROME – Some experts claim that the stadiums could remain closed to the public for as long as 18 months .

If so, the next football season, 2020-2021, would also be played entirely behind closed doors .

To try to explain what the stages of the post-pandemic could be, Mark Fenwick , one of the most important architects at an international level, intervened and gave an interview to Corriere della Sera, in which he explains that the key concepts will be controls, spacing and automation.

The capacity will obviously be reduced and 'no-touch' technologies will have to be tested to avoid unnecessary contacts.

In addition, there will be a check of body temperature at the entrance and facial scanners to avoid the search by law enforcement.

The masks , which would have been banned until a few months ago to allow recognition, will instead be mandatory.

For purchases inside the stadium everything would be done via smartphone to avoid gatherings.

Goodbye to the handles on the doors, which should be automated, while the fans will be seated to limit their range.

Finally, "not for safety reasons but because it will be the only way to occupy a well-defined and distant space" explains Stefano Perrone, Parma operational director and Serie A league consultant for stadium management, "in a first an occupation of checkerboard seats is imaginable, a bit like what will be done on trains and on the metro ”.

The capacity, adds Perrone, "could be halved, because the Italian stadiums are on average old, therefore with tight spaces today". (source CORRIERE DELLA SERA)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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