Sporting-Napoli, match canceled for three cases of coronavirus in the Lisbon team

Sporting-Napoli, friendly match canceled due to three coronavirus cases in the Lisbon team.

The friendly match Sporting -Napoli was canceled due to three cases of coronavirus in the Lisbon team.

The Campania team, which had already reached the capital of Portugal, will be forced to return immediately.

Sporting-Napoli was not just a friendly match, it was a precious opportunity for Gattuso to try out the team that would have played in the first league match against a top level opponent.

In fact, until now, Napoli had only faced opponents of lower categories (Castel Di Sangro, Teramo and Pescara).

Gattuso was looking for confirmation in view of the Serie A debut next week against a formidable opponent like Parma.

Me in the last few days the coronavirus got in the way. First the positivity of the Campania patron De Laurentiis, then that of the three players of Sporting Lisbon.

The Portuguese club has not communicated the identity of these three players, has only made it known that they are asymptomatic and that they are in good health.

In short, these three players, who are in any case monitored daily by the Sporting Lisbon medical staff, do not have any symptoms, colds or fever.

So the Portuguese club's footballers will observe the mandatory quarantine period in their homes (source Twitter ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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