Spinazzola-Politano, exchange at risk: the full-back physical tests do not convince Inter

Spinazzola-Politano, scambio a rischio: i test fisici del terzino non convincono l'Inter

Spinazzola in action against Inter (photo ANSA)

ROME – Tension between Rome and Inter Milan and Spinazzola-Politano exchange at risk. According to what the Gazzetta dello Sport writes, the two companies had reached a general agreement for a definitive operation of around € 27 million, so much so that yesterday the two players had reached their respective new cities to carry out medical visits and formalize the exchange.

Last night, January 15, however, an unexpected Nerazzurri change of direction arrived. In fact, Inter tried to change the formula of the operation by offering Rome a double loan with the right of redemption, a decision that made the Giallorossi club annoy.

Furthermore, after Spinazzola underwent the medical visits, Inter wanted the full-back to undergo further tests to be carried out in Appiano Gentile in the presence of Conte and his staff. An excuse, according to Rome, to change the formula of the market operation. From Milan, however, they deny and consider the negotiation still open, even if Spinazzola's tests would not recommend a definitive purchase. (Source: SPORT JOURNAL).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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