Spalletti, quarrel with Antinelli (Rai) on Nainggolan injury after Tottenham-Inter

Spalletti, lite con Antinelli (Rai) su infortunio di Nainggolan dopo Tottenham-Inter

Spalletti, quarrel with Antinelli (Rai) on Nainggolan injury after Tottenham-Inter

LONDON (ENGLAND) – A visibly nervous Luciano Spalletti has quarreled with the journalist of Rai Antinelli in the post-match of Tottenham-Inter. Heavy defeat for the Nerazzurri who because of this knockout are behind Tottenham in direct clashes. To qualify, Inter will have to beat PSV and cheer Barcelona against Tottenham. Spalletti and Antinelli discussed Nainggolan's injury. Below are the statements of the Tuscan coach to the microphones of Rai.

"We knew it was a difficult race, but we did not suffer that much: we did what we had to do. Nainggolan? Had he hurt his ankle, would he still have come out at the interval "Nainggolan? No problem of communication between us, if you have not understood the problem of communication is yours. He had an ankle problem, I would have replaced him in the second half, I accelerated the times.

In the first half Nainggolan was unable to produce a race for the ankle problem, clearly that the players want to remain on the pitch but against a team that dribbles so it becomes difficult.

It 'a little' our Achilles' heel, sometimes we lose some ball, we are shy in the management of the same. Qualification? I do not know what Barcelona will do, it has a row of victories at home that can not go to waste in a Champions match, I am convinced that at this level there are talks that can not be done ".

The social reaction to Spalletti's nervousness

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