Spalletti furious: “Conte-Inter? So you offend Marotta by making him pass for amateur “

Spalletti furioso: "Conte-Inter? Così offendete Marotta facendolo passare per dilettante"

Spalletti furious: "Conte-Inter? So you offend Marotta by passing it off as an amateur "

MILAN – "The rumors about the Marotta-Conte meeting in place? The things you write are ridiculous. What you are painting does not represent his style of working, it would be amateurish. He knows that these things do not do good for Inter ". Luciano Spalletti comments on the voices about Antonio Conte, in the press conference on the eve of the match against Bologna. "The venue is in the Duomo, there are thousands of people and told so it is not credible. Then Conte can go wherever he wants, these voices do not change anything for me ".

"It's a special moment but not so catastrophic. Exaggerated criticism? I do not know, maybe you know it. From here to say that everything is to be thrown away … ". So the Inter coach, Luciano Spalletti, on the eve of the match against Bologna. "I do not see so much difference between what we are doing and what we should have done, I only see a difference in how we are treated – he continued -. True, we have to do more and improve but the team is playing it, even with Lazio we played it to the end ".

YouTube, Spalletti talks about Conte before Inter-Bologna

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