Spal, pig’s head and the words “via the pigs from Ferrara”. Bad complaint to the team

Head of a severed pig and the inscription: "Via the pigs from Ferrara". This is the really bad taste challenge against Spal players and clubs.

Spal has been mathematically relegated to Serie B for several days now, Gigi Di Biagio's team has not won since last March 8 and is back from another heavy defeat, this time against Hellas Verona.

A part of the biancazzurra fans thus staged a really ugly and macabre protest against players and clubs. A severed pig's head. Placed on a banner with the words "Via the pigs from Ferrara".

The police are now investigating the episode.

On the night between Thursday and Friday, the banner with the pig's head was displayed in front of the Ferrara sports center where the team trains and where the company offices are also located. Faced with this gruesome find, the club immediately spotted the police.

The officers then immediately checked the presence of cameras around the fence where the banner was found and subsequently opened an investigation to trace the perpetrators.

As reported by Fanpage , according to the first reconstructions, however, it seems that the organized groups attributable to the West Curve are not involved: the heart of Spal's typhus. Digos, which sent the documents to the public prosecutor's office, could therefore convey its research not within the ultras. (Source Fanpage).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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