Spal-Juventus, Chiellini came back after six months

Spal-Juventus, Chiellini è tornato titolare dopo sei mesi

Spal-Juventus, Giorgio Chiellini came back after six months. Excellent news also in view of the Champions League (photo Ansa)

FERRARA – Giorgio Chiellini came back after the bad injury that kept him from the field for six months. Sarri threw him into the fray, from the first minute, against Spal last in the standings. His return is fundamental to solving Juventus' defensive problems.

Spal-Juventus, Chiellini returns: farewell to defensive inattentions.

Because of defensive inattention, Juve is unable to take off in the league as it has done in recent seasons. At the moment Juve has just one point ahead of Lazio and is only three plus over Antonio Conte's Inter.

But Chiellini's return is not only important for the championship but also in view of the return of the Champions League. The bianconeri will have to deal with Lyon practice to reach the quarterfinals of the maximum European club competition.

Shortly before the match against Spal began, Paratici defended Maurizio Sarri's game on Sky Sport's microphones: “I feel we have played some excellent races, some less good, as happens in all seasons. This team plays 50-55 games on average per year, it is normal that there are better performances and worse performances, also according to the opponent, of the physical conditions of some players.

Always, when we get to this point in the season, there are these types of dynamics and discussions. If we go back one, two or three years, and go to see the newspaper articles of this period, they are exactly the same as now. So, let's not worry, we are aware of the moment we are living and happy to live it in the best possible way "(source Sky Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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