Spain reopens football and holidays. La Liga returns from June, tourists from July

MADRID (SPAIN) – Spain announces the restart of the football championship and the reopening of the borders to encourage tourism.

This was announced by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez during a press conference.

Let's start with his statements on tourism.

“I encourage the Spaniards to plan their holidays now.

In addition, starting from July, foreign tourists will return to Spain safely.

We will ensure that tourists take no risk and that they do not bring us any risk. There is no contrast between health and business. "

Then the Prime Minister made the Spanish fans happy by talking about the restart of the football championship .

The Spanish Liga will restart the week of June 8, a week later the Serie A could also restart .

Sanchez made this news official   with a rather brief press release:

"La Liga will resume the week starting Monday June 8. "

The Spanish football championship is expected to start again on Friday 12 with the Seville derby.

Recall that the Spanish Liga had been interrupted indefinitely for the coronavirus pandemic on 23 March last .

The president of the Spanish Football Federation Tebas has already made it known that it will be played every day with the aim of closing the tournament for the 26th of July.

This is because on 3 August La Liga will have to communicate to UEFA the names of the teams that will participate in the next editions of the Champions League and Europa League.

Not only that, from the first week of August the European cups that are currently in progress should also resume.

The Spanish championship games will all be played behind closed doors and should start from late afternoon onwards.

For the matches, the following times have been identified: 18.30 or 19 and the time slot that goes from 19 to 23 (especially now that we are going to meet the summer …).

What about Serie A ?

If everything goes according to plan, it should start again a week after the start of the Spanish football championship .

For both championships, the model to follow is the German one as Germany was the first to return to the field without a hitch (sources and Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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