Spadafora: “I will do everything for the resumption of the championship. The decision in late May “

ROME – Reverse of the Minister of Sport Spadafora .

At first he had declared that the clubs should have already thought about the next season since this championship would not start again

A few days later, he declared the exact opposite, saying he was ready for anything in order to restart the championship safely.

Spadafora has made the following statements to

The majority of Italians do not welcome the resumption of the championship , but I don't mind polls at the moment.

Football is an important world in the country , I know it well unlike those who want to pass on a different message.

Economic interests are legitimate, but when you go on other types of attacks, pressure and exploitation, this attitude is not good for anyone.

It would be surreal for a sports minister to demonize football.

I hope to leave again, but the government will decide .

Team training will resume from 18 May.

On the championship we will rely on scientific elements, which are not available today.

A realistic forecast can be made in mid-May.

There is no opposition of mine, but the will to evaluate the restart only if the health of the people within the team group is safeguarded.

Then I claim equal dignity with other sports and grassroots sports.

I protect the restart so much that I have convened the first meeting with Figc and Leghe to find a solution.

Starting again to play poses a series of issues related to transport, hotels, hundreds of people who move.

Whose responsibility is it? The protocol will have to define this too, in the week we will have a clarification.

I will do everything to start again.

If the government is forced, I hope not, to establish that there are no conditions, my effort will be twofold: to limit the economic damage to the clubs and to support the whole world of sport .

Between ordinary and extraordinary resources, we will invest about 1 billion for the sector as a whole ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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