Spadafora: “Green light to the new protocol and group training. The decision on the championship on May 28 “

ROME – While all of Italy has entered phase two of coexistence with the coronavirus, there is also good news for the world of football .

The technical-scientific committee approved the protocol presented by the FIGC giving the go-ahead to the group trainings of the players .

This is a fundamental step towards the resumption of the championship which could start again in mid-June .

There is still no certainty about the resumption of the tournament , the final decision should be made on May 28th.

All these news were made official by the Minister of Sport Spadafora during Tg Sport on Raidue .

The declarations of the minister of sport are reported by

Team training can finally resume , the FIGC has shown itself to be available.

No more retreats or quarantine for everyone.

The FIGC document has been validated by the CTS.

I have just called a meeting for May 28 with the president of the FIGC, Gravina, and with that of the League, Dal Pino:

for that day we will be able to decide if and when to restart the football championship.

We want to leave to finish. "

Clarifications have come from the Technical Scientific Committee for the Football Association.

It is recommended that the need to increase the number of swabs to be carried out does not affect the availability of the tests and above all the complete isolation of the team is avoided, so as to really allow the clubs to be able to start training despite not having a structure where to gather players. "

No mandatory quarantine for all players who come into contact with a positive.

The new protocol approved by the Technical Scientific Committee also excludes mandatory quarantine for all those who come into contact with a new case of Coronavirus.

"Exactly, that's right – said Spadafora – Today we were able to get to this point because the situation allows us to be able to review the rules in an improved sense, as for all Italians.

It is right that the world of football also has the opportunity to resume safely, like many other activities ".

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