Soccer, Mario Balotelli skips training: Brescia fires him

ROME – Brescia fires the player Mario Balotelli after yet another absence from training.

Massimo Cellino , president of the club, on the evening of June 5 gave a mandate to his lawyer, the lawyer Mattia Grassani, to send the letter of dismissal to Mario Balotelli.

Brescia fires Balotelli

Since mid-May the player has not been at training sessions, according to reports from the club.

According to reports from the AGI, Supermario also reported sickness certificates.

A relationship between Balotelli and Brescia that had deteriorated already in the midst of the coronavirus emergency and in the last few days seems to be unrecoverable.

This is why Brescia fires Balotelli, who will receive Cellino's letter on Saturday 6 June.

Balotelli on Instagram wrote: "How can you say certain things?"

Only on May 31, less than seven days ago, Balotelli had vented himself on Instagram against Cellino's statements.

The president of Brescia said: "It was a mistake to hire him".

In addition, he complained about the absence of the player in training, a signal that "he no longer has Brescia at heart".

To answer, Supermario had chosen Instagram: "But how can you write that I don't train at the field?".

"There are journalists at the center of all my workouts, obviously with cameras!", He continues.

Then he explained that there were two trainings a day almost every day and insisted: "How can you deny the evidence?".

"I didn't think I was a ghost invisible to telephoto lenses, at the right time I will explain everything by sign and by sign and you will understand," he said.

What was supposed to be a fairy tale for Mario who had finally returned to his Brescia ends without a happy ending. (Source: AGI)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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