Soccer and dance essays from June 15th. Spadafora optimistic, but it depends on the curve

ROME – Good news for football patients: not those who watch it on TV, but those who play soccer .

From June 15, you can start tramping on the sports center pitches, Coronavirus permitting.

Minister Vincenzo Spadafora thus announced: "I hope that the next part of the sport will continue to open in the next dpcm, the amateur and basic part, from soccer matches to dance essays ". "If the contagion curve continues to fall, I think everything will start again from June 15th".

Italy does not wait for more. The real, true one of the midweek matches with colleagues and friends.

Wait more for this than the restart of the Serie A.

And Spadafora wants to restart them: "This is the proposal that I will present to the Council of Ministers and to the Scientific Committee, so that from that date this amateur but important part can reopen because it concerns many small businesses, amateur companies that manage spaces in many part of Italy which are also places of aggregation and sociability. If the contagion curve continues to give positive news, from 15 June we would have to start again with these activities which are still blocked for now ".

Of course, we will have to fight against a few extra pounds accumulated during the quarantine.

And there will be "breath" (even more difficult if we think that we go towards the summer).

But do you want to spend all week talking about that penalty not given or that beer offered to the best on the pitch? (Source Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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