Sneijder: “In Madrid my best friends were vodka and rock’n’roll”

MADRID (SPAIN) – With Inter he consecrated himself as one of the best footballers in Europe but in Madrid something went wrong. Wesley Sneijder himself tells it in his autobiography.

The declarations of the Dutch footballer are reported by Corriere dello Sport with the collaboration of Italpress.

“I was young and I appreciated the success and attention. But something must have gone wrong there.

No drugs, but alcohol and rock'n'roll. I got used to it, like one of the stars of the Dutch royal family.

As a Real player you are adored. But I can't say I lasted long – admitted Snejider -.

I played pretty well, but they said I could have done even better. I was left alone and I saw little Jessey very little.

I could only be alone. By the way, why be alone when you have enough friends to spend your free time with?

I didn't realize that the vodka bottle had become my best friend. Physically, I didn't even notice.

The next day I woke up as if nothing had happened. I continued to play, but less well and clearly less concentrated.

My attitude was not worthy of Real Madrid. I lied to myself that it was going well and I clung to my footballing intelligence.

I physically sank. I walked less, I hid it a lot with my technique. I also thought that no one would notice. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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