Sinisa Mihajlovic, the letter of thanks published by the Gazzetta dello Sport

sinisa mihajlovic leucemia

Sinisa Mihajlovic during the press conference declaring to be sick with leukemia (source ANSA)

ROME – Sinisa Mihajlovic assigns a letter to Gazzetta dello Sport to thank those who showed him affection and closeness. The coach in fact announced Saturday, July 13, the beginning of treatment against leukemia that hit him and that he discovered before the start of the summer retreat with Bologna.

Mihajlovic will now have to stop. Now he needs all the energy to fight a personal battle to heal the sickness that attacked him.

"There are moments in life when you find yourself struggling against a difficult opponent to overcome or facing a problem that is complicated to solve. I live a moment like this now, but I feel very lucky because I know I'm not alone. Next to me I discovered that I had enormous support. In these days I have received a sea of ​​affection, solidarity and positive energy that has given me an incredible, further, charge and certainty that I will win this battle against leukemia. I received thousands of messages. I assure you that I have read them all, one after the other: each one has represented a caress for me, a hug and touched my heart. They were hard days and I apologize if I did not answer and thanked each of you. I do it here, now, thanks to the Gazzetta dello Sport and the President Urbano Cairo who have affectionately made this space available to me.

Thank you for being close to the presidents of the teams where I played as a player or coach and to those I never worked with but they showed me respect and affection. Thanks to the former team-mates and opponents of my footballing years, to the players I coached today and to those I have never driven, but they also told me “Forza Mister”. Thanks to the fans of "my" teams and to those that I faced instead wearing another shirt. Many of those who have blown and challenged me in the field, this time they encouraged me and wrote "Don't give up Sinisa".

Thanks to those in the world not only of sport but of politics or entertainment, they have been close to me. Thanks to friends of a lifetime met in so many cities during my career. And thanks to the common people who are not famous: those who know me know that I value every man for what he is and not for who he is. From messages of heads of state (not to be believed …) to the letter received from a child who has drawn a smile for me, you have all been important. Thanks thanks thanks. You have moved me. I've run out of tears, now I'm ready to fight. See you soon". (source GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT)

The Sinisa Mihajlovic article , the letter of thanks published by the Gazzetta dello Sport seems to be the first on Blitz daily .

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