Silvia Slitti exalts Pazzini on Instagram: “My husband is special”

Silvia Slitti esalta Pazzini su Instagram: "Mio marito è speciale"

Silvia Slitti in a photo posted on Instagram

VERONA – Verona won two to zero in Ferrara, against Spal, and moved significantly away from the relegation zone. Immediately after the final whistle of the match, Pazzini's wife, Silvia Slitti, expressed her esteem for her husband, who went on goal today, with a post published on Instagram that collected almost two thousand likes in a few minutes. We report below, the post published on Instagram by Silvia Slitti, wife of Giampaolo Pazzini.

"There is a" boy "born in 1984 that I have known since he was 17 and his name is Giampaolo … For many now he is simply" THE CRAZY ", for me instead he is just as simply" my husband "; but also my best friend, a fantastic father and a man like few others.

This "boy" does a job that for many kids is a dream: Playing football, in a championship where at 35 years of age there are few left to play and where every year you have some new 17/18 year old boy ready to take your place but "he" has something special for me and I'm not referring to the fact that it can still make a difference or that like today or last game he scores and what a goal … "He" when he goes on the pitch makes me feel so proud and proud like nobody in life! I look at him and I think I'm so proud of him that I can't explain …

And they are for all those times that he could have given up and instead he has always been there on the piece, for his way of never betraying his values, his seriousness, his diligence, his professionalism … I am proud of how in his eyes have always seen that goodness and seriousness that has always distinguished him, that his always staying one step back with his head down to work …

I am proud when we walk on the street in this beautiful city and I see that the children stop him with dreamy eyes and he has a smile for everyone … And we have spent a lot of life together, of easy moments and of other difficult ones yet every time I see the net swell for his goal and his hand under his eyes to cheer; I think that for me like HIM there is no one!

I will be biased, this is true, but for me it is special … on and off the field, but today I write this not as a wife but as the most avid fan because if there is one thing that makes you special my love is that in your eyes I still see that boy who had a dream "Playing football" and that dream came true … but above all in that dream he never stopped believing. proud of you ♥ @pazzini #pazzo #goal #happy #smile #solocosebelle #ilfavolosomondoslittoso #bestmoments #fieradite #love #family ".

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