Serie B, the Playouts will be played: Salernitana-Foggia challenge

Serie B, i Playout si giocheranno: sfida Salernitana-Foggia

Serie B, the Playouts will be played: Salernitana-Foggia challenge. Photos ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

ROME – The president of the B League , Mauro Balata, following the decree published by the TAR of Lazio last May 23rd and the opinion issued today by the College of Guarantee of Sport, has ordered the playout races of the championship series B 2018 / 19. Balata informs the Cadet League, and then convenes the Governing Council for May 30th. After the relegation of Palermo in Serie C they will face each other fourth and last, Salernitana and Foggia. The decision was implemented by the League of B after the TAR decree and the opinion of the College of guarantee of the sport: convened for May 30 the directive council.

Serie B, Hellas Verona asks for a postponement of the playoff return match.

The Verona Prefecture, in agreement with the Municipality, asked the Lega di B for the postponement of the return match of the football playoffs between Verona and Cittadella, for the contemporaneity with the final of the Giro d'Italia expected in Piazza Bra. Sunday 2 June, in fact, the final stage of the pink race is scheduled in the Scaliger city, which will arrive in Piazza Bra, in front of the Arena.

Today the Committee for Security and Public Order has been convened and the Prefect Donato Giovanni Cafagna, in concert with the Mayor Federico Sboarina and the leaders of the police forces, has decided to send an official request to the Lega Serie B to postpone 24 hours the final, which could then be played on Monday 3 June (at 21) at the Bentegodi stadium. A request motivated by public and organizational requirements. The final decision will be taken by the Serie B League tomorrow (source Ansa).

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