Serie B, Tar rejects Venice appeal: green light for play outs

Serie B, Tar respinge ricorso Venezia: via libera ai play out

Serie B, Tar rejects Venice appeal: green light for play outs

VENICE – Yes to playouts. The Lazio Regional Administrative Court rejected the Venice appeal, which called for the precautionary suspension of the B-series play-outs. The play-off for not relegating, between the Venetians and Salernitana, will therefore be played as decided by the Serie B league, Wednesday 5 and Sunday 9 June.

With a monocratic decree, the president of the I section ter of the Administrative Court of Lazio rejected the request with which the company Venezia Football Club requested the urgent precautionary suspension of the Official Release n. 169 of May 30, 2019 of the president of the National League of Professional B-Series with which the new final classification of the Serie 2018/2019 championship was made public and the calendar of the round-trip playout races was announced.

Serie B, Hellas Verona promoted to Serie A: 3-0 at the Citadel in the final final.

Hellas Verona is the third team promoted to Serie A, after Brescia and Lecce. The Gialloblùs of coach Alfredo Aglietti, who replaced Fabio Grosso during the season, got back in the top flight thanks to a 3-0 victory against the Cittadella in the final return of the playoffs.

The nets were marked by Zaccagni (27 ′ pt), Di Carmine (24 ′ st) and Laribi (38 ′ st). In the first leg, the Citadel had won 2-0 and then the Verona went up while the dream of the formation of Venturato faded (source: Ansa).

The match report of Verona-Cittadella of Serie B.

Hellas Verona (4-3-3): Silvestri; Pharaohs, Dawidowicz, Bianchetti, Vitale; Henderson (66 ′ Pazzini), Gustafson (76 ′ Munari), Zaccagni; Laribi, Di Carmine, Di Gaudio (57 ′ Matos). All. Aglietti.

Cittadella (4-3-1-2): Paleari; Parodi, Frare, Adorni, Rizzo; Siega (50 ′ Proia), Iori (77 ′ Schenetti), Branca; Panic; Diaw, Moncini (64 'Cancellotti). Venturato All.

Referee: Mr Piccinini of Forlì.

Ammonites: 9 ′ Vitale (V), 11 ′ Siega (C), 12 ′ Di Carmine (V), 24 ′ Parodi (C), 48 ′ Bianchetti (V), 60 ′ Proia (C), 92 ′ Munari (V ).

Expelled: 62 ′ Parodi (C), 79 ′ Proia (C).

Goal sequence: 27 ′ Zaccagni (V), 69 ′ Di Carmine (V), 83 ′ Laribi (V).

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