Serie B: Brescia in Serie A, Lecce wastes match point, Verona exempts Grosso

Serie B: Brescia in Serie A, Lecce spreca match point, Verona esonera Grosso

Serie B: Brescia in Serie A, Lecce wastes match point, Verona exempts Grosso. Photo ANSA / STEFANO LANCIA

BRESCIA – Brescia back in Serie A. Dessena's goal gives the Corini team the arithmetic return to Serie A, eight years after the last time. This is the first verdict of this season for B. The league leaders' good first half with three big chances before the decisive goal. Control of the match in the second half. The Ascoli seems to give the final farewell to the playoff race. Lecce wasted the match point to go into Serie A. Liverani's team needed only to win to return to A but against Padova (with a foot and a half already in C) it goes under after just 3 ', losing at the end for 2- 1. The Benevento falls to Crotone, in the tail jolting of the Foggia that rule 3-1 the Salernitana.

Serie B, Lecce fails match point promotion in Serie A. Verona Hunting Grosso.

The Palermo does not go beyond the 2-2 in the house with Spezia and Lecce wastes the first match point for the promotion in A losing 2-1 at Padova. Livorno shot at the Bentegodi, a 3-2 that shook Verona. And the meaning of the day of Serie B.
A Carpi, the Cremonese wins 2-1, and is equal 1-1 between Cosenza and Venice. The Crotone beat Benevento 1-0, which he hoped for direct promotion, thanks and lengthens in the salvation zone. A heavy defeat for Foggia for Salernitana, a 3-1 that brings the bells closer to the play out area also thanks to the small Livorno company in Verona.

As for the promotion zone, the Palermo had drawn with La Spezia in advance of the day: advantage of the guests with Maggiore, the team coached by Delio Rossi reacts first with Jajalo, then with Moreo and goes ahead. The final 2-2 is still signed by Maggiore, at the end of the first half.

Hellas Verona exempted coach Fabio Grosso.

"Today was a very disappointing game. Our goal is to go to Serie A and that's why I decided reluctantly to relieve Fabio Grosso of his job ". The president of Hellas Verona, Maurizio Setti, announces it in a note at the end of the defeat against Livorno.

"I hope that this decision puts the players in front of their own responsibilities – continues Setti – because this is a defeat for everyone. Today was a game that was not interpreted with pride, and I think it is right for me to communicate this decision directly. It bothered me not to see the potential of the team expressed, and not being able to enjoy what it could give made me think.
This was the only choice we could make to try to play our cards to the core, we still have the chance, "he concludes.
Sources: Ansa and Sky Sport.

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