Serie B, 20 penalty points for Palermo. Foggia relegated to Serie C

Serie B, 20 punti di penalizzazione al Palermo. Foggia retrocesso in Serie C

Serie B, 20 penalty points for Palermo. Revered Foggia in Serie C. Photo ANSA / CORRADO LANNINO

PALERMO – Twenty points of penalization in the ranking in the recently concluded Serie B championship: this is, the ANSA learns, the decision of the Court of Appeal of the FIGC for Palermo Calcio , accused of administrative offense. The Sicilian team had been sentenced in the first degree to relegation to C. As a result of this ruling, instead, Foggia retreats beyond Padua and Carpi. The fourth relegation playout will be between Salernitana and Venice.

Serie B, official date and time of the final return of the playoffs.

The final return of the playoffs of the Serie B championship between Hellas Verona and Cittadella will be played at the Bentegodi on the date set for Sunday 2 June, but the starting time has been postponed by half an hour, at 9.15pm.

This was decided by the Serie B League which therefore did not accept the Prefect's request, Donato Giovanni Cafagna, to postpone the decisive game for the promotion to Serie A for 24 hours due to the concomitance with the final stage of the Giro d'Italia which he will run in Verona on Sunday afternoon.

The mayor Federico Sboarina had justified the request for reasons of public order, in particular for the lack of law enforcement, already committed to the event of the 'pink race' (source: Ansa).

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