Serie A will start again without the Var? The reservations of the head of referees Nicchi, doubts about regularity

ROME – Maybe the Var is not the most pressing question, in general terms (we are crossing our fingers for the end of the infection), in relative terms because we really don't know if and how the Serie A championship will start again. (so to speak, the pandemic has at least reduced the football buzz) the reserves of the number 1 of the referees Marcello Nicchi on the use of the so-called Var, the video assistant of the referees, a kind of slow motion in the field.

“Starting again without VAR could be one of the things that force us to do. Today for VAR cramped vans are used where, in addition to the referees, TV operators work and there are no safety distances ".

Nothing to say, the referees' health – the most exposed according to Nicchi because he always travels by train and airplanes – is as valid as that of all the other actors of the sports show. But, in short, you can not really equip premises and protected areas to provide a service in complete safety?

The editorial team of Sport Mediaset does well to criticize the measure: the same teams, the same referees, the same rules, we expect this so as not to jeopardize the regularity of the championship. Nicchi's, it is argued, is useful if it counts as a provocation, a way of concretely addressing the problem. But it cannot be the realistic scenario of the coming months. (source Sport Mediaset)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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