Serie A, ultimatum of the presidents of Sky: if it does not pay (131 million) by July 17, they turn off the signal

ROME – The Serie A League demands payment of the last two months of TV rights from Sky .

If on July 12 the pay TV has not paid the 131 million it owes, the League will disconnect the signal until the end of the season, scheduled for August 2. There will be no pay or clear games.

The ultimatum does not apply to Dazn who proposed a return plan accepted by the presidents. But with Sky it's war.

The issuer gives three reasons for the interruption of payments: football championship interrupted, payments up to the stop more generous than necessary, medical emergency .

Reasons that have not convinced the presidents, however. As Fulvio Bianchi writes for Repubblica , the presidents even wanted to remove the signal from pay TV when the season resumed, then it was decided to give Sky more time to pay.

But since no euro has been seen, it is now open war. Sky had put forward three reasons when he had not paid in early May: 1) championship stopped; 2) up to the stop had been paid more than necessary compared to the disputed races; 3) the Covid pandemic.

The championship has now resumed , the pandemic is under control so much that the quarantine has been reduced (thanks to the decided intervention of Gravina) but Sky continues not to pay. There is no reason now, the presidents say, that you do not pay what is established in the TV contract. This is why the hard, very hard line was decided. There is a lot of irritation in the League towards pay TV.

Serie A: supporters in attendance since mid-July

Meanwhile, they look to the near future for the presence of fans at the stadium .

There is hope that a share can participate in live matches as early as mid-July.

If anything, the problem is to determine who enters and who does not among the subscribers who would all be entitled to it.

For the next season, we are thinking in the meantime about an initial audience of around 25% of the stadium's capacity, gradually reaching 40%. (source La Repubblica)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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