Serie A, training resumed: it’s a clash. Lotito in favor, Marotta and the doctors against

ROME – As always, Serie A clubs are split. Some push for the immediate resumption of training while others are against it because they do not believe that there are the necessary safety conditions.

The "captain" of the team of those who would like to resume training immediately is Claudio Lotito , while that of the opponents is Marotta, CEO of Inter.

For Lotito, his employees rested too much and it would be time to go back to work to better prepare for the resumption of competitive activity (there is still no official date but there is talk of 3 May behind closed doors …) .

On the other hand, there is Marotta who builds on the authoritative opinion expressed by the Federation of sports doctors. According to these doctors, there is still no need to resume because the number of infected players is growing and not the other way around.

The opinion of the Federation of sports doctors is reported in the Gazzetta dello Sport:

"In the light of the current health emergency, it is only right to recommend collective training interruptions for professional clubs until at least April 3".

La Rosea also reports the opinion of the Free Italian football medical association (Lamica) chaired by the former head of the national medical staff, Professor Castellacci:

"We express all our dissent on the idea of ​​some clubs to start training early, even before April 3."

In short, Lotito wants to start immediately while Marotta and the doctors advise to restart the competitive activity at the beginning of May (training included).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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