Serie A starts again like this: cloister for 15 days and with a single positive in quarantine the whole team

ROME – Italian football starts again after the forced stop for the coronavirus .

The players have returned to training individually in the club's sports centers since May 4th.

From next Monday they will have the opportunity to no longer train individually but with the rest of the team .

In short, at least from the training point of view, from 18 we will return to normal.

The coach will direct the training and the players will perform the exercises collectively.

They will return the training matches and thus also the physical contact.

All of this will be an appetizer of football played which should return between late May and the first two weeks of June .

The matches will be played behind closed doors and as few people as possible will enter the stadiums.

Obviously we are not talking about the fans , who will not be able to attend the matches, but the medical, technical and managerial staff following the clubs involved in the match .

The idea is to carry on a model similar to that suggested by Capello .

The players will be asked for maximum attention .

Fifteen days before the start of the championship, the players will have to live in seclusion in the hotels made available by their clubs.

Even during the tournament, such conduct would be preferable.

In short, the players should remain in a retreat of just over a month, the time to finish the games that are missing.

They should think of the rest of the championship as if it were a World Cup or a European championship .

Also because at the first positive , the whole team will be quarantined .

So in case of new positivity , it would be practically impossible to complete the tournament as the schedule is already quite tight .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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