Serie A starts again, from May 31 to July 12: start only in the center-south

ROME – Italian football will restart in " phase two ", that of coexistence with the coronavirus .

It would probably have been better to start from September but there are too many economic interests at stake and in the end health ended up in the background

Sky and Dazn , who hold the rights to broadcast the games , were losing interest as they offered a one-piece sports schedule with no live events.

As a result, they were unwilling to pay the latest installments of TV rights to football clubs.

For this reason the Italian clubs had started to fight to no longer pay the players' salaries. This chain mechanism was unleashed where everyone was losing us.

Returning to the field , although there are still no necessary health conditions, everyone would solve their problems and the football system would come back to life.

" Panem et circenses ", so the Italians would again have a way to get distracted and not to think about the reality that remains critical .

A tactic used by the ancient Romans , with the games of the time, which could also be very useful for Trump in the United States , where the situation is tragic …

Returning to our football, we should start again with the Italian Cup on 27 and 28 May .

These two games will be a first test for the championship which should start again from May 31st.

As explained by Walter Ricciardi , member of the WHO executive board, adviser to Minister Roberto Speranza for Coronavirus and Coni consultant, who spoke on Radio Punto Nuovo, the competitions should take place only in the center south (obviously behind closed doors ).

It would not make sense to have the games played in the north, in the areas most affected by the coronavirus, given that the field factor will no longer exist since all the games will be played without the public.

The only thing that will count will be the condition of the changing rooms and the turf . From time to time, the center of the center south will be found closest to the two teams of the meeting.

The matches, as was the case before, will be distributed in several time slots to enhance their transmission on TV.

Since it is going towards the heat, the races should be distributed over three time slots (15, 18 and 20.45 ).

From 24 June to 12 July, the hottest period of the year, the races will be played only in two time slots (18 and 20.45 ).

From July 12 onwards, it will be the turn of the European cups . UEFA's plan is to end both competitions, Champions and Europa League , within the last week of August .

Again, the economic interests at stake are enormous. Between TV rights and shift passages , the clubs cash in on a rain of millions of euros .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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