Serie A, Scudetto playoff and salvation playout: how the hypotheses would work

ROME – Serie A thinks of the playoffs and playouts as plan B to save the season if the resumption of the championship does not take place on schedule (13 or 20 June).

If the championship slips beyond June 20 or is interrupted once again, two scenarios would be possible .

In the first hypothesis , to involve all 20 teams, three bands would meet to determine the league title, qualify for the Europa League and safety.

The first group would consist of 6 (the first two would already be in the semifinal) or 8 teams, the second always six, while the third 8.

PLAYOFF SCUDETTO: Juventus and Lazio in the semifinal; Inter-Napoli and Atalanta-Roma the other two matches.

PLAYOFF EUROPA LEAGUE: Milan and Verona in the semifinal; Parma-Cagliari and Bologna-Sassuolo the other two games.

PLAYOUT: Fiorentina, Udinese, Turin, Sampdoria, Genoa, Lecce, Spal and Brescia would be involved here.

In the second scenario, however, the teams in play would be less.

8-team Scudetto and Europa playoffs, a 4-team mini competition for the second bracket and an 8-game challenge for safety.

The best placed teams in the standings would have the field factor on the return and would be qualified in the event of a tie in the double comparison.

The principle remains that, if at a certain moment it will be impossible to move forward with the matches, the rankings will be decided on a meritocratic basis : the hypothesis that taking into account the average points is concrete. In A would be the Verona to snatch Parma and Milan the last useful place to go to the Europa League. (source LA STAMPA)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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