Serie A, Roma-Inter streaming and live tv, where and when to see it

Serie A, Roma-Inter streaming e diretta tv, dove e quando vederla

Serie A, Roma-Inter streaming and live tv, where and when to see it (Ansa)

ROME – Roma-Inter is played Sunday, December 2 at 20.30. The match will be broadcast live on Sky Sports and live on SkyGo.

A team composed of "strong men with blood to the eyes". Eusebio Di Francesco wants this from Roma at the Olimpico with Inter of the former Spalletti. "Bringing a victory home would be decisive. Four points from the Champions League are not many but they can become a lot if we do not change gear – admits the Giallorossi coach on the eve -. I know that there is great disappointment and I understand the bitterness, we are in debt to the fans but we need their great support ". However, the support from the stands will have to match the commitment on the field.

"Now we really need strong men. Mentally we have to get out of this moment because our gaps are back to the first difficulties – recalls the coach from Abruzzo. Of course, maybe it takes a bit of luck, which is really never happening but it's up to us to spin the wheel. We must forget the mistakes and play with great determination. The team must give everything ". Also because in front of you will find an opponent that so far "has proved to be stronger than us in the league". "Spalletti is doing a great job, it is a different and growing Inter – recognizes Di Francesco -. My desire is to see a team with blood in the eyes, who wants to change pace. We all have to try and get something out of it. It takes a mental snap and I hope to see it. "

Also because, he underlines, "I have never stopped working on the psychological aspect of the team. I have to try to give this group even more strength. If I thought I could not do it I would have to give up everything, but I think we can still get something out of this team even if now I have few choices to make ". In fact, the Dzeko and El Shaarway stops have limited the options especially in the offensive department, "but between October and November it is normal to have injuries if you play so many competitions. Our misfortune is to have them all in the same period ".

Among the summoned if nothing else return Perotti and Pastore, "but the time of employment is relative, they can not play from the first minute" Di Francesco points out, announcing Under holder but not the position of Florenzi: "If he plays in the offensive trident? It's possible but I do not want to give Spalletti advantages. Schick? We need everyone and Patrik must have more determination and believe more in his great means ". End credits on the inability to overturn the result by Roma di Francesco.

"It is a fact that we are struggling when we take a goal, and I realize that on many occasions we have not managed to reassemble, but what do you think I have the nose ring? – the technician replies to whoever points out the data -. I try to convey certain concepts that I also had when I was a footballer, the desire to go immediately to reassemble or immediately score another goal, this must be the mentality to be transferred to the players, but it is not always easy … ".

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