Serie A, monkeys in the campaign against racism: Milan and Rome protest. De Siervo apologizes

Serie A, scimmie nella campagna contro il razzismo: Milan e Roma protestano. De Siervo si scusa

Milan protests against the Lega Calcio Serie A anti-racism campaign

ROME- Luigi De Siervo , CEO of the Serie A League, “apologizes to all those who felt offended by the work, carried out by Simone Fugazzotto last May, on the occasion of the Coppa Italia Final. Although the artist had explained that the meaning of his creation was really a message against racism, however, the work appeared questionable to many. What cannot be discussed is the strong and constant condemnation by the Serie A League against all forms of discrimination and racism, phenomena that we are committed to uprooting from our league ".

As writes, De Siervo confirms what was anticipated yesterday or that "the Lega Serie A is working on the official anti-racism campaign, which cannot be identified with the work of Fugazzotto, and which will be presented by the end of February".

Rome's social protest: "Our society is very surprised to see monkeys painted on paintings on social networks today in what appears to be a campaign against Serie A racism". "We are aware that the League wants to fight racism but we do not believe that this is the right way to do it".

Even Milan has dissociated itself from the use of monkeys in the Lega Calcio Serie A campaign against racism: “Art can be strong, but we are totally in disagreement in using the image of monkeys as an icon for the fight against racism and we are surprised by the total lack of sharing. @SerieA "(source

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