Serie A: Milan in the Champions League, Roma-Inter equal polemics

Serie A: Milan in zona Champions, Roma-Inter pari tra le polemiche

Kolarov rejoices after the equalizer in Roma-Inter

ROME – Milan hunted its ghosts, dribbles the pitfalls of the many absent to beat Parma in a comeback and take a full title in the Champions League, the dream of the beginning of the season that is turning into a goal within its reach. Lazio is a help, who after the defeat in the Europa League with Apollon does not go beyond 1-1 at the Chievo side of the bottom and gives the Rossoneri the fourth place.

The squares of the podium are the strong point of the Serie A, since, in the seventh year as a dominatrix, Juventus is always stronger and on a solitary pace with frenzied rhythms. Equal show between Rome and Inter at the Olimpico with the Nerazzurri ahead twice (goals by Keita and Icardi) and reached at the end with a penalty granted by the Var for touch with the arm in the area of ​​Brozovic and built by Kolarov.

A 2-2 seasoned by the super goal of Under that serves little to both teams: Inter in key league and Rome for the Champions race. Gattuso thinks negative when Parma confirms its virtues, leaving the match in balance and then taking the lead with an English header.

The guests miss the blow of the knockout and the great Rossoneri heart (excellent central defensive Abbot) plays the charge: Cutrone's equal, more and more poisonous in the area with his great sense of goal (seventh goal in seven races at San Siro) and goal from three points with Kessie for a naive penalty on the hands of Bastoni. Waiting for the recoveries and, perhaps, of Ibra in January for Gattuso another championship begins.

Parma complains about the refereeing decisions in both the Rossoneri goals. The Lazio part slowly in Verona, thinking perhaps to go out to the distance, but the Chievo di Di Carlo proves to be a hard bone and takes the lead on 25 'with Pellissier. Inzaghi's team takes almost a time to respond with Immobile, at the ninth center of the season, but without being able to complete the comeback despite a forcing lasting almost half an hour. It is the terse row in a row for the biancocelesti.

The Venetians take the second point in the 'positive' ranking, above all they serve morale. Three important points and not obvious for the bull, who finds Mazzarri after the illness that has anxious fans, and takes a step forward for the Europa League area. Despite the front traction (Belotti-Zaza with Iaqo Falque) and the expulsion of Romulus who leaves the visitors in ten after 280, Genoa took the lead with Kouame, but in recovery the Toro scored two goals.

First a great right from Anzaldi, then Sandro extends Iago Falque and Belotti transforms the penalty. Shooting with little history, in which the grenade wasted several opportunities for the goal of tranquility. The Udinese with sacrifice and dedication conquers an important point in Reggio Emilia with a Sassuolo that pushes a lot but with little resourcefulness and polish.

This time De Paul fails to be decisive. There is a goal canceled for offside in Duncan, many Sassuolo attacks but lacking emotions and spectacle. Harakiri of Frosinone that puts a Cagliari in a lesser difficulty, finds the advantage with Cassata but not the doubling.

The Sardinians change pace, draw with Farias and seem able to take advantage of the disappointment of Lazio. But Barella was sent off and in the end it was Frosinone who recanted with Daniel Ciofani who came close to scoring three points and a contrast between Cragno and Pinamonte that the referee did not penalize with the penalty.

Roma-Inter goal, show, var and arbitral controversies

Roma-Inter never disappoints. At the Olimpico he finished 2-2 after a match full of goals, emotions and some non-program given by former Luciano Spalletti, sent prematurely in the locker room and the referee Rocchi.

A draw that serves more to the nerazzurri – but recriminate for having been taken twice, but tonight again seconds in the standings in cohabitation with Naples playing tomorrow – that the home team, sometimes in the clouds but with the alibi of the many absences. Protests and polemics by the Giallorossi for the penalty foul not granted by Var for a foul on Zaniolo.

"It's a shame, they saw another match", the accusation of the former Roman captain Francesco Totti. The two defeats of the midweek round of Champions find themselves on the lawn of the Olimpico at a time of the delicate season and with the full infirmary, especially in the Giallorossi home. Di Francesco must make a virtue of necessity (outside De Rossi, Pellegrini, Dzeko and El Shaarawy, plus Fazio at the last moment), confirms the green line in front (Schick-Under-Zaniolo) but covers inserting Florenzi high to the left, with Santon to cover his shoulders.

Spalletti, welcomed by a row of whistles, can not take advantage of the former luxury Nainggolan (however, present in the stands) and relies on the two former Lazio De Vrij behind and Keita in front, with Perisic preferred to Politano. Inter started strong, with pressing high and Joao Mario to dictate the timing for the insertions of the exteriors. But the Nerazzurri pressure is exhausted after a quarter of an hour, Florenzi thinks to break the inertia with a nice shot from the outside that Handanovic rejects so.

A nice combination D'Ambrosio-Perisic (20 ') alarms the door of the landlords who slowly manage to gain meters even if then the lack of a' mind 'in the midfield defeats any initiative that does not start from the' orange ' long for Under or Schick. When he succeeds, however (25 ') goes very close to the goal, with the Czech who frees Florenzi who pulls a sure shot but finds the post to Handanovic beaten. The scoring opportunity has at least the merit of lighting the match, first with Brozovic-Icardi and then with the 'little boy' Zaniolo.

At 35 'Roma claim the penalty for a foul by D'Ambrosio on Zaniolo: the connection seems obvious but Rocchi decides to postpone without going to the monitor. From the possible advantage of the Giallorossi pass a couple of minutes and Keita is celebrating under his old north, bagging a bell'assist D'Ambrosio. The Roma is not there: the 40 'free kick by Kolarov and Handanovic must be engaged to prevent the ball ends under the crossbar.

The recovery begins with a thrill for Rome for a mistake of Jesus but at 6 'here is the gift of Under that makes forget the nefariousness against Real and is invented a' stoned 'by 25 etri that leaves Handonovic of stucco: 1-1 . The draw shakes the match and the goal actions come easier: so between 20 'and 28' happens everything, first Icardi mockery Manolas and brings the Nerazzurri ahead, then Kolarov on penalty (after consulting the Var di Rocchi ) draws the score of goals.

But Francis wants the whole mail and in the last quarter of an hour throws in Kluivert, Pastore and Perotti (Spalletti responds with Vecino and L.Martinez) but breath and muscle for those who played in the cup there are more and l ' last emotion gives her so a soraeccit Spalletti who gets hunted for a reaction over the lines after a foul whistled and accompanied in the locker room by the screams and whistles of 40 thousand ex-lovers.

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