Serie A, how the algorithm works in case of early stop

ROME – The federal leaders are working on plan C in the event of a definitive stop of the championship.

The Football Association has an extreme solution ready to automatically calculate the final classification and issue the verdicts.

Not just the use of the average points for sporting merit but a more complex system that includes other parameters. It is the algorithm indicated by the president, Gabriele Gravina.

Having to crystallize the ranking , the first obstacle to overcome is that of the different number of races played: to date there are 8 teams with one game less active.

There would be the average points solution, the one adopted by Ligue 1, which however does not eliminate the distortion linked to the different number of games played at home and away from home.

Here then comes the weighted average: it is a question of calculating the average points of the games played at home and away and multiplying this number by 19.

Take for example two teams fighting for a place in the Europa League, namely Milan and Verona .

The Rossoneri currently have 36 points after playing 26 games. Verona, one point below, however, played one game less.

AC Milan played 13 games at home and scored 17 points (average points: 1.41) while away they scored 19 points against 13 games (1.46).

On the other hand, Verona within the friendly walls scored 21 points in 12 games (1.75) while away from home they played 13 games obtaining 14 points (1.07).

If the championship ended today, according to the algorithm, Milan would have 53.39 points (26.79 home-26.6 outside) while Verona 53.58 (33.25 home-20.33 outside) and therefore would Hellas to qualify in Europe.

In addition, the goals scored at home and away will be further "correctors".

However, some paradox remains in the system. For example, if Juve lost in Bologna and immediately after the championship was stopped, Lazio could overcome it without playing.

So the orientation is to broaden the spectrum of parameters also to the difference in points between home and away matches, to goal difference, to goals scored, to the calendar taken into consideration in perspective and how many games are missing at the end of the championship. (source SPORT COURIER)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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