Serie A, Genoa-Bologna: it’s a quarrel for the 1925 Scudetto

Serie A, Genoa-Bologna: it's a quarrel for the 1925 Scudetto

Serie A, Genoa-Bologna: it's a quarrel for the 1925 Scudetto

ROME – The awarding of the Scudetto of 1925 causes Genoa and Bologna to fight. While Cairo has called for the reassignment of the 1927 championship, revoked for tort in Turin and never publicly claimed by Bologna, which also came second in that season, the words of the patron of Genoa Preziosi for the reassignment of the title of 1925, The first in history of Bologna, has angered the Emilian Claudio Fenucci.

"That championship – he said – was legitimately won by Bologna after five Northern League finals with Genoa and after the national final, in round-trip matches, with Alba Roma, winner of the Lega Sud. Genoa announces to claim the 'award of the title ex aequo citing a series of episodes that are absolutely unclear and already in the past subject to conflicting versions by the various witnesses.

But what constitutes a real legal aberration is the claim to award a title based on the contestation of episodes that refer not to the national final, but to that of the Northern League, which in fact was a semi-final. The final is obviously considered a negligible detail ".

The story re-emerges periodically and even if it has been almost a century turn on the minds. "We are convinced – said Fenucci – that such complex and time-wasting issues can not be tackled in a simplistic and demagogic manner. Above all we can not accept that the temptation, now widespread, of rewriting the roll of honor of Italian football, leads to throw shadows on the history of Bologna ".

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