Serie A, final stop of the championship? Here’s what would happen

ROME – A final decision has not yet been made on the future of the Italian Serie A football championship .

The rights involved, which however would like to return to play football , are also taking into consideration the definitive stop of the tournament .

This anticipated end of Serie A would create great problems both from an economic and a regulatory point of view .

The companies want to return to play to collect the money from the latest installments of the TV rights.

Sky and Dazn are not willing to pay this money to companies because they are currently offering their subscribers a one-size-fits-all product made of replicas .

Without football, Sky and Dazn are losing money and subscribers.

Football clubs need this money to pay the months of wages their players miss (which in most cases have no intention of reducing wages …).

In short, resuming playing football is convenient for all the protagonists of the movement.

In this regard, Gravina, who is the president of the FIGC, has already made it known that he will never sign the definitive stop of the championship but this could still be imposed by the government.

Also because the health problems remain therefore we must also start to seriously consider the definitive suspension of the season due to the coronavirus.

Also because there are already precedents since France and Holland have already communicated the end of the football season by sending UEFA the names of the clubs that will participate in the European cups .

In the event of a definitive suspension of the championship , the current classification would be frozen but the championship would not be awarded.

Juventus, Lazio, Inter and Atalanta would go to the Champions League .

Rome, which is fifth, could appeal because it is only three lengths from Bergamo with many games to play and between fourth and fifth place there is all the economic difference of this world …

Roma, Napoli and Milan would go to the Europa League if the ranking is taken into consideration; Rome, Naples and Verona if instead it leans towards the average points.

Milan have more points than Verona but they also have one more game, if we take into account the average points, that of the Venetians is higher.

There would be major problems in establishing the teams relegated to Serie B and those promoted to Serie A.

The orientation is to promote the first two of the Serie B, therefore Benevento and Crotone, in this case, would only demote the last two, namely Brescia and Spal.

Frosinone, who is third in Serie B , but also the other teams in the playoff area , are preparing to appeal the decision to cancel the playoffs by promoting only the first two of the class in Serie A.

In short, the problems are not lacking.

In case of freezing of the current ranking, you would face months and months in court with the real risk of not playing regularly even the next championship .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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