Serie A, FIGC suspends activities until June 14

ROME – The Football Federation has decided to extend the suspension of sports activities until June 14, on the basis of the Prime Ministerial Decree of May 17, "pending any further and desirable decision by the competent authorities".

The FIGC, reads a note, took note of the determinations made in yesterday's Dpcm which provides for the suspension until June 14 of sports events and competitions of all types and disciplines, in public or private places.

So what? When will the championship return? Maybe June 20.

The Gazzetta dello Sport writes:

The possibility of "an desirable determination" makes it clear however that via Allegri continues to work to try to start again as soon as possible, naturally with all the guarantees necessary for the protection of health.

In the last few hours, the hypothesis of a shift in the eventual roadmap to 20 June has taken shape (even La Liga has taken more time).

But the Serie A League continues to work to anticipate and the "desirable" of the Football Federation goes in the same direction. If you started on June 20, you would have to play continuously twice a week (13 slots are needed, 12 days plus the round of 4 recoveries skipped at the end of February). And there would be no room for the return semifinal and the Italian cup semifinal. (Sources: La Gazzetta dello Sport, Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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