Serie A championship, this year is gone. Minister Spadafora: “Companies will ask for a stop”

ROME – This year's championship is gone, let's focus on the next one.

Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora has clearly stated it on television, at La7: stop at the 2019/2020 Serie A championship, we will talk about it next year, better put a stone on this year of uncertainty , as indeed they have made in France and Holland which blocked Ligue 1 and Eredivisie.

Today Spatafora – in spite of a League described as pawing and anxious to resume – reiterated that the "path is narrow" not because of the government's repressive will, but because it will be the companies that ask for the permanent suspension.

"I think the next meeting of the Serie A League could reserve a surprise: the majority of the clubs could ask us to suspend this season and prepare in the best way for the next championship".

“I see the path of the championship recovery getting narrower and narrower. I would think about organizing to safely resume the new championship that will have to start in late August, "said Spadafora.

The government's line seems drawn, which does not raise issues regarding the resumption of training safely, but invites presidents to turn the page, to organize themselves for a more medium-term deadline.

"The resumption of training absolutely does not mean the resumption of the championship – the minister underlined – but it would be an important signal especially for the players who have been standing for many weeks now".

Still, Spadafora added, “if I were in the presidents of the football clubs I would think above all to organize myself to safely resume the new championship which will have to start again at the end of August.

The decisions that other countries are making, such as France yesterday, could also induce Italy to follow that line which would then become a Europe line ". (source Agi, La7)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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