Serie A, Bergomi against Capello live: “Shooting? You take the applause but … “

ROME – A Sky live clash between Fabio Capello and Beppe Bergomi.

Topic? Resumption of the championship.

What happened? Let's go in order.

At Sky Sport, as mentioned, there is talk of Serie A and the resumption of the championship.

Capello says:

“Let's not hide, financially football needs to start again.

If you don't start again, there are companies that will have many economic difficulties. It would give sighs to all Italians, not forgetting the people who work there and all related activities ".

Bergomi replies:

“You can't think of keeping these guys for four weeks of retreat now and then starting the championship.

It is too much, we underestimate the psychological aspect. They are young boys, everyone has a different sensitivity.

Let's not bring up the fact that they earn a lot. "

Capello is not there and says to look at the real world:

"Gentlemen, but all those who are losing their jobs, all those who are in layoffs … what do you want to be on retreat for forty days."

However, Capello's words make Bergomi nervous.

Bergomi replies:

“You are demagogic, very demagogic. You take the applause but it's not fair. "

Very high tension with Fabio Caressa who decides to postpone the meeting between the two, the meeting between Fabio Capello and Beppe Bergomi, airing … advertising. (Source: Sky Sport).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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