Serie A behind closed doors, Juventus does not refund. Like the bianconeri ten other clubs

Serie A a porte chiuse, la Juventus non rimborsa. Come i bianconeri altri dieci club

Serie A behind closed doors, Juventus does not refund. Like the bianconeri ten other clubs (in the photo ANSA the Allianz Stadium)

ROME – The Coronavirus emergency closes the doors of Italian stadiums and opens the debate on the possibility of reimbursement by the companies involved to those who purchased tickets and passes. One of the matches that will be held behind closed doors will be Juventus-Inter , scheduled for Sunday evening. Up to now there is no official position from the Juventus club awaiting officialdom from the government.

But what does the regulation provide for Juventus in the event of a match postponed or played behind closed doors? According to data from Calcio e Finanza , in Serie A eleven clubs do not foresee any compensation. There is talk of Atalanta, Brescia, Cagliari, Genoa, Inter Milan, Lecce, Rome, Sampdoria, Spal, Udinese and precisely, Juventus.

For Juventus , "the eventual cancellation and postponement of a match, with consequent modification of the date, time and possibly place of dispute of the matches, must be considered as modalities that are part of the normal organizational practice of sporting events and in any case are to be understood as situations possible and possible for which the Subscriber accepts the risk of occurring ", variations that" do not give the right to a partial refund of the subscription, nor to compensation for any prejudice or to compensation for direct and indirect damages that may derive from the variations same ".

If the game is played on neutral ground or behind closed doors, even for individual sectors, “in no case will the right to a partial refund of the subscription and / or the reduction of the fee and / or the Subscriber's right to receive compensation or indemnities and travel expenses, in the event of disqualification of the field, will be borne by the Subscriber ". The same conditions also concern the purchase of a single game ticket.

The case is different for the remaining eight clubs. For example, Milan grants reimbursement only in the event of a week or more postponing the match compared to the initial date. Lazio, on the other hand, offers fans tickets to another sector in case the initial one has to serve a disqualification. Finally, Naples, Bologna, Parma, Turin and Fiorentina ensure compensation for damages. Cagliari explained that for Cagliari-Rome, scheduled for Sunday 1 February, it will refund tickets if it is played behind closed doors and, in the event, will evaluate for subsequent matches always in case of closed doors. (source Calcio e Finanza)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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