Sergio Ramos positive at doping after the Champions League final? Real Madrid: “No violation”

Sergio Ramos positivo al doping? Uefa archivia, Real Madrid: no violazione

Sergio Ramos positive at doping after the Champions League final? Real Madrid: "No violation" (Ansa9 archive photo

ROME – Sergio Ramos turned out positive for a forbidden drug after the Champions League final in 2017. The player had taken dexamethasone before the final between Real Madrid and Juventus in Cardiff. Only a technical error by the Real doctor, who took the blame so the UEFA has filed the investigation. The news, however, was disclosed with the Football Leaks and now Real Madrid returns to reiterate: "There was no violation."

The new revelation on Ramos comes from the documents renamed "Football Leaks" obtained by Der Spiegel and analyzed in Italy by L'Espresso together with the EIC consortium. According to the documents, in the anti-doping test after the Champions League final won by Real Madrid 4 to 1 with Juventus, Ramos was positive for the dexamethasone doping test, a glucocorticoid that has anti-inflammatory properties. A substance banned in sport by the international Wada agency, but which can be used by athletes in case of "documented therapeutic needs, provided it is communicated on the eve of the match".

In the cards delivered by Real Madrid before the match it appeared that Ramos had hired Celestone Cronodose, a similar drug. After hearing about the results of the test, Uefa turned to the team doctor who took responsibility for the medical error. This is the reason why the investigation was filed, indeed never opened.

After the news of the test was released in recent hours, Real Madrid said in a statement: "In relation to the news published by Der Spiegel regarding our captain Sergio Ramos, the club announced:

1) Sergio Ramos has never violated the anti-doping control legislation;

2) The Uefa has requested specific information and has closed the matter immediately, as is usual in these cases, after the verification of the experts of the World Anti-Doping Agency and of the same Uefa;

3) On the rest of the content of the article, the club is not pronounced given the evident inconsistency of the same ".

Uefa also denied having covered the results of positivity to doping: "The UEFA refutes forcefully and categorically the groundless accusations according to which it would have covered the results of a positive doping. All cases of the anti-doping controls of the Uefa are conducted in compliance with the Wada code (World Anti-Doping Agency). The Uefa has informed both Wada and Fifa of all cases as required by the Wada Code. We have also provided detailed information, expert reports, and evidence during the handling of such cases. It is necessary to underline that both Wada and Fifa have the right to appeal against any decision taken by Uefa in matters of anti-doping control at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne (Cas). However neither Wada, nor FIFA have appealed to Cas and Wada, has officially confirmed that everything has been properly managed by UEFA and in accordance with the Code ".

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