Sebino Nela and the tumor: “I thought of suicide but I didn’t have the courage”

Sebino Nela e il tumore: "Ho pensato al suicidio ma non ho avuto il coraggio"

Sebino Nela when he was a Roma footballer, spoke of his fight against cancer in an interview with Corriere dello Sport (photo Ansa)

ROME – Sebino Nela, a former Roma footballer, gave an exclusive interview to Giancarlo Dotto for Il Corriere dello Sport, where he spoke for the first time about the tumor that hit him: “I saw death in the face. Suicide like Di Bartolomei? I thought so, I didn't have the courage. " Below are the statements made by Nela to Corriere dello Sport.

Sebina Nela and the tumor: "With Vialli we said to each other, 'you won't give up a c …'".

“With what I've been through, let's say I'm fine. I need to do another operation soon. Shortest possible time. It will be the fourth. I can't take it anymore … What an operation? I have an open abdominal rectum, my bowels push, I always get this not-beautiful sketch to see. I have to clean up some crap and put on a safety net.

After that, I will continue my checks every six months. Vialli and Mihajlovic? In Sinisa I send messages through our mutual friend Vincenzo Cantatore. With Gianluca we were in the room together with the World Cup in Mexico '86. I met him a few weeks ago, in Rome-Juventus. We hugged each other. "Look, there is not a c …", I said. "Not even a millimeter."

Two and a half years of chemo are no joke. One thing heals you and another one makes it worse. I have had ischemic attacks. But the pressure is okay, I take three tablets a day and make my life normal. The bad thing about this evil is that you rejoice, you say I won, and then you discover that after six, seven, eight years it returns. When cancer comes it never leaves you.

Come back as a reality or as a threat. It is always there. I saw death in the face. I metabolized this. I don't know how many times I found myself crying in bed at night. I've thought about it a billion times. And you know I tell you, if tomorrow were to happen, 'sti c …… ". (source Il Corriere dello Sport).

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