Scarpa d’Oro, Immobile hooked Lewandowski in first place: that’s why it’s not enough

Ciro Immobile is one step away from winning the Golden Shoe after hooking Lewandowski in first place in the ranking but still not enough to conquer the coveted individual trophy.

In fact, for the same number of goals, at the moment there are 34, the trophy would go to Lewandowski because he scored these goals in fewer games than Immobile.

In fact, the Bundesliga has four games less than Serie A and for this reason the Polish striker has played less minutes than Immobile.

So to win it, the Lazio center forward must score at least one other goal and at the same time keep at a distance Cristiano Ronaldo (the only other player left in the running for the coveted trophy).

The Lazio striker has scored 34 goals while the Juventus center forward is still at 31 goals but two games are missing at the end of Serie A and anything can happen.

The Golden Shoe is a trophy that has existed since 1967 but in all these years only two Italians have managed to conquer it (Luca Toni with Fiorentina in 2006 and Francesco Totti with Roma in 2007).

So the last Italian to win the trophy is a footballer, Totti, who played for a team in Rome. So if Immobile were able to win it, he would bring the trophy back to Italy and Rome, but this time on the white-blue bank of the Tiber.

The striker from Campania would be the first player in the long history of Lazio to have conquered this trophy. But first there is Lewandowski to overcome and Ronaldo to keep away. Difficult but abundantly within the reach of the Lazio bomber.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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